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New Picture!

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Although I don't have much to say, I made this cool picture today and thought it was sorta cool. So enjoy!


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Atheism And Rap Intersect

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Hi everybody! Extremely excited to be part of this blog for real now!

I’m going to start us off with a question, and I’d like you to comment below and tell whether your opinion changed before and after reading this article:

What do you think of when you hear the word rap?

As a personal rap fan, the first thing I think about is when I last listened to rap, who it was by, what song is my favorite, and so on. But I know that many people, especially adults, think of bad things, and I don’t blame them. Some rappers only sing about their good experiences with sex, drugs, and gangs. I don’t listen to those categories of rap. I have to say, the subjects of rap have gotten better over the past few years. It kick started with Eminem. At 41 years old, he has been rapping about his life for 24 years. That’s quite impressive, and he barely ever ventures off into sex, or drugs, or gangs for that matter. The next popular rapper that came along was Macklemore. With his award-winning album, The Heist, he raps about religion, politics, society, and a little bit about sex and violence. But now there’s a new arising marvel in town, and his name is Ensomniak.

Ensomniak’s music is dedicated to atheism. He considers himself a secular, atheist/humanist rapper. You probably haven’t heard of him, but I have to say both the quality of rap and the importance of subject are extremely positive. So far he only has six songs:  Morality, He’s Coming Back, Reason, Sans Seraphs, Parable, and Believe In You (, with more coming soon. Here’s a short snippet of Reason:

If you got in the maze/ of praise/ ‘cause how you were raised
Get over it/ and tell your parents/ it was just a phase
I’m amazed/ that in this age/ we believe in miracles
In books by men that didn’t know the world was spherical
With nothing empirical/ evidence is irrelevant
Some probably think/ I’m devil sent/ or malevolent
I ain’t doin’ this for the hell of it/ hell is imaginary
Like goblins, trolls, gods, orcs, elves and fairies
You can’t scare me/ my patience is growing very thin
Listenin to adults/ with imaginary friends

Okay. So maybe rap isn't your style. Maybe you listen to it every day like me, maybe you despise it. But no matter your opinion on rap, as long as you’re an atheist, this might just convey your feelings into words. It certainly did for me. And this is a big deal in the genre of rap. An atheist rapper this strong about his feelings has never been heard before. This may not seem like a big change, but to rap artists and viewers, it changes everything.


Has your opinion about rap changed after this? Let me know if it did below in the comment section, And do Ensomniak and the world of rap a favor: Follow him on Twitter . Tell your friends and family about him. Like his videos on FaceBook, YouTube, and Tumblr and anything else you can find him on. Help publicize him because you never know: He might be just a link between atheism and music, or he might be a start to change the world. Peace out!

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Are Atheists Bad?

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A lot of religious people I know, think that they know what's right, and what's wrong. I have to TOTALLY disagree with this. I thought that Christians were supposed to not kill people? Their excuse to murder: "But Jesus told me to!" So now this whole thing Christianity thing is just an excuse to do whatever "I" (Christians) want to do, which in case you haven't figured out my context clues yet, I'm talking about their minds thinking it is okay to do something as idiotic as that. To prove my theory, I have a little story to share with you.

A few year ago, I lived next to a girl and her sister. One day, she came out and asked if I believed in God. After saying no, she decided to say "Your going to burn in Hell." I responded with the magical response of "I hope I bring some marshmallows." This was a great friend of mine; So why did she say these mean things? I think some of it had to do with The Psychology of False Information (which if you haven't read that article yet, you might want to do so now), and my guess it that she was told by her parents that God and Jesus and everything like that, are real. Therefore, anyone who apposes that is wrong, and will burn in Hell. I disagree with that by saying so what? If I do burn in Hell because I don't believe in what they believe, who cares? I like how I live now, and I like how I believe, so let me do so in peace. As well as the fact that since I believe in a different Diety than God (FSM) so why haven't I burned inside a church yet? But that's beside the point:)


I know that all of this is a touchy subject, so if you have any questions,comments,compliments or complaints please comment below, or Tweet me @Chandler_Garry 

Hello fellow Teen Atheists, and welcome to my first (interesting) post here on TA! For my first post, I want to talk about some Psychology mixed into Religion.


Information is spread through schools, personal  communication, books; and now more common, the internet. With that said, I understand that the information passed through the internet isn't always correct. That's where the false information part comes in.There are two basic reasons why the information people share isn't always correct.

Reason 1 The information is passed from person to person like a game of phone call. It changes over time. For example, on Facebook all the time people get hacked and then all their friends get a message saying "Have you seen this picture of you? I can't believe you're not pissed!" Or something of the sorts. That message is the bad information, and the person isn't intelligent enough to understand that.


Reason 2 The person or people spreading the information change it slightly to make it more interesting and then they persuade the other person that it is the correct information. I know people that do this all the time. Heck, even I do this all the time! It can make your life sound more interesting, yet it makes people confused and annoyed when they find out the correct information later. If they even find it out stand a mystery.


Some other things that contribute to those two reasons are:


Lack of intelligence if the person hearing the information is not intelligent enough to comprehend the information correctly and/or decide for themself, it can have drastic consequences to the outcome of what they do with that information.

Isolation Now when I say the word "Isolation", it makes me think of either a big manly guy in a jail cell by himself with padded walls, or in my mind, I see myself alone on an island (I have no Idea why). When I say that word, I don't want you to think of that; I want you to think of a person who deliberately goes out of his way to mess with people. There are people in the world who will spread false information about people and things that turns into a big catastrophe. People on the internet aren't always the brightest, so they will take this information and turn it into non-appropriate feedback that will be passed on and could ruin somebodies life.  

How Any Of This has To Do With Religion

In my mind, I think of religion like the internet. Someone decided to make a rumor (in this case religion) and tell all of his friends about it, and it stuck. Or in different words, the problem didn't get solved. I know that calling a religion a "rumor" will make people mad at me, so don't think of it as a rumor, but think of it as just some information someone passed onto someone else for their own purpose of trying to change someone's life. Using this information, I can form an idea that religion is not true. It may be true, but using the Psychology of False Information, I have the ability to say that somebody just created the idea, and passed it around. Therefore, it's not true.

If you have questions,comments,ideas,compliments,complaints or anything else, please comment below or tweet me @Chandler_Garry

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New Staff Member - Lizzie

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Name: Lizzie C.

Title: Head Moderator


My name is Elizabeth Carney but my nickname is Lizzie. I'm 13 years old and I love playing my drums. I also play a baritone (euphonium); and I'm learning the trumpet. I'm going in to the 8th grade and go to Kilo middle school. I'm not a nerd nor geek. But I'm not popular either, I would just say I'm in the middle of them both. I am a sarcastic person, and i would say i have a good sense of humor.


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New Staff Member - Cambria

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Name: Cambria Keely

Title: Blog Post Manager; Journalist

Twitter: @VeggieAddict



About Me 


My name is Cambria Keely, and I am the Head Blog Manager/Journalist on I am 13 years old, an 8th grade homeschooler, and live in southwest Washington. I am a vegetarian, play the uke, love soccer and the outdoors. I’m an animal enthusiast and (hopefully) future veterinarian. And of course I’m a devout atheist.


I first met Chandler Garry three years ago at Camp Quest NorthWest (@CampQuestNW), a freethinkers science camp in WA. This year after camp he shared with me with the idea for an atheist blog for teens. A few days later he designed this site and I was impressed to see his quality of work completed in such a short amount of time. I’m excited to watch this blog flourish.


I have a bit of experience with programming/designing websites. My grandmother was one of the first computer programmers and my mother, being an online math professor, has a tremendous amount of experience and skill in website designing, and hand codes all four of her domains, so she’s teaching me HTML and Python programming. A couple years back our family took a road trip across 39 states and 2 Canadian provinces in six weeks. Along the way I blogged our travels. In 6th grade I was picked as Newspaper Editor at the Gardner School, a progressive private school in Vancouver WA. I wrote and published a popular four-part article about the dangers of skin cancer and the pros and cons of sunscreen. My last writing assessment grade was 6/6 in all five categories. I've always enjoyed and been successful at writing in a variety of genres.


I consider myself experienced at journalism, but the main reason why I took this job was because I want to speak out. I've been an atheist all my life, and many of my family members are too, so you could say it runs in the family. I feel good about myself as an atheist, but not all other teens do. I know a few people who are afraid to tell their parents they don't believe in any god because of how strongly religious their family is. I think this blog is intended to help those kids relate to others around the world.


At the risk of repetition, I am extremely excited to be part of the TeenAtheist community. Let's make it great!

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Welcome to the Dork Side

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Name: Chandler (Chanman) Garry

Title: Owner,Business Manager,


Twitter: @Chandler_Garry


About Me

Hi, I'm Chandler Garry, your average everyday Computer Genius. I have created this site with one goal in mind: "Free Mind". I know that many Religious people think of Atheists as enemies of a sort; Believe me, we are not. I feel that my life is lived better without religion. I have been able to live a better, happier, and more free life because of it. But going away from a debate, here is some stuff about me:


I live in Tacoma, Washington (Near Seattle), where I have a Computer Genius Father, A Dancing Massage Therapist Mother, and a young, annoying Brother. I like soccer and Web Development. And I also like Business Management. I am currently going to Curtis Junior High School as an 8th Grader, and I am taking their Computer class (No surprise).

I have gone to Camp Quest Northwest (@CampQuestNW) all three years of it being around, and I love it! I would like to get a job in Website Development, and maybe work at Google! I am a full-out Atheist Teenager while my parents were Methodist and Jewish as teens (now Atheist as well). I hope to run a Successful Business using what I have here today.




If you wish to view the forum and get noticed by the Staff Members, please login/sign up!